i had to do it… its been a dream of mine to do this…. :D .
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This is aclip from the CameraPlanet 9/11 Archive. For information regarding full resolution clips of this material, or the archive – email Archive@CameraPlanet.com Word Trade Center, September 11th, WTC, Terrorism, New York, Osama Bin Laden. Credits: Archive Director:Steven Rosenbaum

The local community organized at tour to remember Boyertown during the times of the tragic Opera House Fire disaster.
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New Waterville Fire Rescue Truck

I saw this FDNY truck with two pumpkin park by a apartment building – i will try to get more on fire truck – whenever = enjoy this little treat-thanks FDNY
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Here is one for the old fire truck lover’s. Burnaby Fire Department Hosewagon 21 walk around. I love this unit. Too bad I couldn’t get it responding on film. This unit will be leaving Burnaby once the new units be put into service and the older units now in service be put as spare’s. Hosewagon 21 – 1986 Spartan Monarch Anderson 8 cylinder 1500gpm Taken June 18 2010
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