Firefighters fought frigid temperatures on Monday morning, battling a 3-alarm blaze in a vacant home at 16 Somerset Place in Brockton. The first calls came in just before 4am. The first arriving companies found fire on the third floor in the rear of the home. The fire quickly spread through the attic and second floor, as firefighters used ladder trucks to dump water on the flames. All firefighters were ordered out of the building by the safety officer due to the deteriorating conditions inside the building, forcing them to fight the fire from the outside. The State Fire Marshall’s office and the Brockton Fire Investigator’s office are investigating the fire. According to Chief Francis, “The building has been vacant for some time and the utilities have been shut off to the building” he said. “We struck the third alarm to bring in plenty of help to prevent any injuries” as firefighters had to deal with freezing water on the scene. Kevin Wiles, Jr
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Pilsen Warehouse Fire at 21st and Western (4-11) on Dec 29 2012, 160 men on scene, furniture making, lots of fabric material inside. Building was about 100′ x 300′. Smoke was visible from the John Hancock Center.

Italian fire engine responding with Federal PA300 in addition to the (only) legal standard siren. Due to Motor vehicles/road code rules the PA300 it’s been run with a car battery… That was very funny ‘cos I played it from the rear seats! This is an experiment – funny thing, big chiefs knew nothing about. Comment!

Custom Tamiya Scania Fire Engine

Firemen in Drag Put Out Truck Fire Share this video lets see how many hits it can get….. Moments before the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the small town of Padua, Minnesota, was about to begin, a truck fire broke out at the end of the block. Fortunately, the all-volunteer firefighting crew from nearby Sedan, Minnesota, was on hand to celebrate their 125th anniversary and to raise money to pay for their new fire hall and truck; one of their members was set to drive the city’s new fire truck in the parade and the others were on a float dressed in drag to entertain the crowd. When a truck erupted in flames, people called 911 to alert the fire department that was assigned to that jurisdiction; but that crew was 15 miles away and some members of the general public were already attempting to put out the blaze with fire extinguishers, which can be exceptionally dangerous. When the blaze spread to an SUV, the Sedan crew decided to take action to prevent possible injuries as well as further damage to additional vehicles or to the surrounding fields and crop land. So the Sedan firefighters, still in drag, grabbed equipment from their truck and put out the blaze in two minutes, some of them adjusting their brightly colored dresses as they did so. Yes, it was dangerous for these firefighters to do what they did, but in my mind they are heroes.

Top Secret – Fire Engine (So Bang Cha) The song in 1:8 (Jong Kook) game Running Man.

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Early 2002, Fresh Kills firetruck graveyard footage at 24:00 — file from NIST FOIA release 10, WTCI 33 NYC Pt1of4
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Song: 3 Doors Down – It’s Not My Time Video Sources: Be Sure to Check out these amazing videos that I got the videos from!

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